Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Vs Business.......

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Sorry for not updating this blogspot for so...... long. It takes me a long time to select issues to post on this blogspot. now i have a few points to share to all mommies out there....

i have realise that through this alimkids playgroup, children could learn and have fun as well as mommies. plus indirectly mommies could exchange business with other mommies. mommies could widen their circle of customer, they product will delivered from mouth to mouth, they also could have new freinds from their playgroup friend of friend and many more...... just like facebook in real world not in cyber world....... dont you agree mommies?

i would like to take this opportunity to congrats our two mommies in the playgroup who have just delivered new baby...... congrats mummy nani and mummy vera.... your baby are very cute.

Our kk alimkids plyagroups now are in modul 4...... all the best kids.....

i appologise if any of my word sound harsh and improper. Thank you.


Regards, Nunik
Picture 1. Baby Nurfalila (from mumy Vera)
2. Baby Muhd Nail (from Mumy Nani)


  1. boleh saya tahu mcm mana nak join playgroup nih?

  2. please update this blog since my son baru setahun..nanti ada plan nak hantar join playgroup ni..thanks.